Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The MAN behind it all

As the semester is rapidly coming to a close i feel as though it is important to reflect upon what we have learned. Professor Yang (Pictured above) has thoroughly prepared us (our 255 class) for any situation that may arise throughout our teaching career. I feel as though i have grown tremendously as a teacher as well as a human being through out this course. This class has helped me in so many other courses already and has really opened my eyes on how to become an effective teacher. There are some many little components of a lesson that I had no idea about before completing this course. This is one class that I can honestly say I enjoyed coming to because it was something new and exciting everyday. Not only was professor Yang a great teacher but the students in the class were great as well. We were able to laugh together and sometimes vent our frustrations with one another but in the long run it only made us closer as a group. Our class seems as though it has become a support group for one another and we will be able to communicate with one another in the future. I must admit in the beginning this whole "blogging" thing seemed a little crazy but i have grown to enjoy it. Viewing other students blogs can help you improve your blog but also keep in touch with your peers. It is almost like an educational facebook.

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