Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Disc Golf- Lab C Day 2


Lab C Time coding form

Lab C Transcript

Lab C Feedback form

So we have just completed lab C. This means that it is time to begin looking at things such as speech transcripts, feedback to students and use of time (Links are above). Since we have been learning different techniques regarding throwing a disc I thought it would be a great time to incorporate different throws in a sequence at targets. The first station was set up for a hyzer throw. Here students were asked to throw around a tree (or a tree like object) and into a target on the other side. The next station delt with finesse. At this station students had to softly throw a disc hopefully having it land on or near a chair. This represents putting in Disc golf. Lastly students were then asked to work on accuracy throwing through two tree like objects. We all know that you are not always going o have easy shots when playing on a course so this is a good time to work on fundamental techniques. Once the students completed the mini course one time they were then asked to retry the course only this time challenging their partner in a competition of who could complete the course in the least amount of throws. Overall I though the lesson went well, the students were really into it. There are some things that i could have done better though. When dealing with feedback it would have been better to focus more on specific and congruent feedback and not so much on the behavioral aspect. Disc golf is a great activity because it can be done anywhere and is also a lifelong activity. Lab D is coming up soon so it will be interesting to see what is in store for these disc throwing experts!!!!

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