Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lab C- Day 1

So the semester is winding down and the labs are getting more intense. We are beginning lab C and I have decided to teach Frisbee golf. I wanted to focus on something that was unique and unfamiliar to the students. I decided the Hyzer throw (curving around trees and other obstacles) was something that all the students could challenge themselves with. To represent trees we used big signs that stood about 8 feet in the air. The only down side to the lab is that we were pressed for time so we were not able to go as in depth as we wanted, but the students enjoyed the lab and showed great enthusiasm for the task. Next class we will be in the field house working on putting multiple throws together to complete a Frisbee golf course. I wish that we could have had more time so that i was able to give feedback to more of the students and they were able to have more time to practice the task.

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