Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lab D- Badminton

Well we are here, the end of the semester. I have always enjoyed playing badminton which is why I have chosen to teach it for my lab D. This is the last time I would have to listen to myself talk and type out everything I say for my transcript . I have seen a great deal of improvement from the first time I listened to myself. I no longer use as much filler words all though I do say all right and ummmm a few to many times. I also noticed that I was giving more feedback to my students, but not just any feedback it was meaningful and was related to the cues I gave at the beginning of the lesson. My use of time has also improved form the beginning on the semester. I now spend more time on activity and less time with instruction. Overall I think the lesson went very well. As I was listening to the playback of myself I heard a lot of laughing in the background which means that the students were having fun. There are a few things I find that i can improve on though.I should work on my set inductions to help get the students excited for the lesson and also changing my voice around to increase enthusiasm. I am looking forward to what the future holds because I know that what I have learned from professor Yang will be very valuable later on down the road.

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