Sunday, November 9, 2008

P.E Mini-Conference

Well this posting may be a little late, but it is better late then never. It was early on a Friday morning when Professor Yang's 255 classes were about to break the ice at the mini conference. No big deal right, I mean you only practiced the routine a few times we all felt confident that we wouldn't make total fools of our selves in front of possible future employers or co-workers as well as our peers. The classes came in chanting " WE WILL WE WILL TEACH YOU," followed by other activities that got everyone out of their seats helping ease any tension that may have been in the gym. We were mixing and mingling with firm hands shakes and smiles all around greeting our guests making them feel welcome. Once that was all over the real treats began. The guest speaker, Dr. Pasarini, really did a wonderful job and captured the audience's attention from the first word. His stories were very touching and I feel as though he is a inspiration to many. Following this speech we were able to break up and choose an activity that we were interested in and learn more about it. I personally went to DJ's presentation on sepak takraw. This is where I realized that my hand and foot coordination are sub-par. The thing I liked about his presentation was that i was about to use different types of equipment to help create a higher success rate as a student. Overall I thought the mini conference was a great experience and opened my eyes to many possibilities that are becoming available to teachers, whether it is heart rate monitors or wii game systems. I look forward to be able to attend any conference that is put on next year

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