Thursday, November 13, 2008

Captian Hook and his Dark Knight come to class!!!!!!!

So it is a typical morning, i got to self defense at 8 am. Walk a far 10 feet across the hall to my second class of the day, 255 baby. This is where I am presented with a man wearing a funny hat and a parrot on his shoulder and another guy smiling with his phone out ready to send us on a mission. I'm thinking to myself what in the world are we doing today? As we get into the lesson we are told we are going on a scavenger hunt. I thought how cool, this is going to be so much fun. We make our flags, gather as a unit and prepare to go to battle with the other explorers. Our first clue sent us to get a picture with Penny (Everybody is Physical Education knows her). so we take our picture (I've never seen her so happy to be a part of something in my life) send it in a receive our second clue. Unfortunately the fire alarm went off. As we exited the building we were told to take take a picture with a Cortland sign. Objective complete. Our next mission sent us scampering down the sidewalk all the way to the Chugger Davis building, and then to the tennis courts. Now I'm a big guy and running is not my cup of tea, but I took one for the team. Drenching in sweat, running around, losing breath as every second passes. By this time the class was over, whooooo what a relief. Now this lesson was very fun and is kept everyone active the whole time. the only things that may have needed improvement was the fact that students were running through the building possibly disrupting class. Students could have also been in harms way when outside with traffic. The teachers also had no super vision over the class as we were outside so they might be some things to reflect upon to improve the lesson. At the end of class i took my heart rate monitor off and realized that my heart must have been working over time. I had an average of 108 bpm, hmmm i think it might be time to get a little more cardio in. Overall i had a great time during the lesson and would look forward to another scavenger hunt.

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